A great friend Zelensky became a grandfather: the network leaked the first photos of the baby

Большой друг Зеленского стал дедом: в сеть слили первые фото малыша

Donald trump has broken a new record conditional

The President of the United States Donald trump in the tenth time became a grandfather. His son Eric a second time became a father, his wife Lara gave birth to a girl. About a significant family event, said Eric trump on his Twitter page:

“Lara trump and I are pleased to the birth of Carolina Dorothy trump. We already love you,” wrote Eric trump.

Businessman and philanthropist Eric trump married Lara yunaska the producer in 2014. Last year the couple was born. About the second pregnancy of the wife trump Jr. became known recently.

The published photo adorned the whole family of Eric.

Большой друг Зеленского стал дедом: в сеть слили первые фото малыша

Recall also the President of the United States Donald trump spoke about the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

Donald trump is sure that Vladimir Zelensky will be able to “bargain” with Vladimir Putin. About this American leader said, speaking to reporters on August 9. It is known that Donald trump also announced the visit of Ukrainian President in the United States. So according to trump, visit Zelensky in the White house will be held in the near future:

“We look forward to meeting him… He is a very intelligent guy,” said Donald trump about Vladimir Zelensky.

Большой друг Зеленского стал дедом: в сеть слили первые фото малыша

We also previously reported that from the positions of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky depends on victory in the presidential elections of the USA of Donald trump.

Political expert Andrey Golovachev in social networks wrote that in the United States soon after the election. And there are three candidates who oppose trump: Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and friend of Ukraine, Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware.

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“The first two women’s tramp, perhaps, to win effortlessly. Therefore, the party establishment, the democratic party will make every effort to nominate from the party of Joe Biden. But if trump can prove that Biden demanded that Poroshenko release Shokin, because the latter was investigating a scandalous company Burisma, which co-owner was Biden’s son — hunter, then Biden would have to withdraw his candidacy. It is almost guaranteed a victory for trump in the next election. “—says the expert.

But Trump to reach your goal will not be easy. He also notes that Zelensky is not willing to get involved in the story and refused to meet with the lawyer of the President of the United States, gulliani.

But the key witness in this case, Petro Poroshenko, the former President of Ukraine. And it will require a lot from the Prosecutor’s office for their consent to participate. Given the number of criminal proceedings in which Poroshenko himself is a member, it becomes clear that the sort of thing our courts can’t handle.

Note that the presidential elections in the U.S. will be November 3, 2020. They will choose the 46 th President of the United States, if Donald trump is not re-elected for a new term.

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