A German company has developed armored Aston Martin DB11

Немецкая компания разработала бронированный Aston Martin DB11
Engine power reaches 600 HP.

The German company Trasco introduced improved the Aston Martin DB11. After the additions the car received a protective design, that allow you to protect yourself from attacks with simple firearms and attempted robbery.

Design avtodora got armored steel and new composite materials. Ordinary glass replaced with bullet-proof, and all the protective items have a weight of 150 pounds. As they say the designers Trasco, the introduction of armor had no effect on the driving characteristics and the level of comfort in the cabin.
Under the hood Aston Martin DB11 posted 12-cylinder 5,2-litrovyi power unit with a capacity of 600 “horses”. The engine is paired with an 8-stopnato transmission. Armored coupe accelerates up to 1 “hundred” in 3.9 s at max. korosty 322 kilometers per casu

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