A fire ravages another farm

Fires in agricultural areas are increasing at the beginning of 2018 in Estrie. On Monday morning, another farm building was destroyed by the flames.

The fire ravaged the barn of a dairy farm on Route 143 in East Stanstead, near the US border. This is the fourth such incident to occur in the region in a few weeks.

It was a little past 7 am on Monday morning when the Stanstead firefighters received a fire call at 1250 Route 143, not far from Curtis Road.

The smoke column was visible for miles around, according to Stanstead Fire Chief Christopher Goodsell. When the firemen arrived, the fire had taken place in a good part of the barn.

“I immediately called on our Derby Line colleagues and also a fire truck from Ayer’s Cliff,” he says.

“We had about ten trucks on site. Because it took a lot of water to fight the fire. ”

Mr. Goodsell estimated ten the number of cows that have died in the fire. “The owners of the place were in the barn when the fire took hold. It was starting to smell smoke. ”

” They could start evacuating animals. We helped them on arrival. Neighbors also came to help. ”

The barn that contained hay on the floor is a total loss, adds the fire chief. Several calls were made to 911, he says, because the light was visible from Highway 55. The farm in question is located a few kilometers from Stanstead.

The Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) closed Route 143 in both directions on Monday morning because of the violent fire.

An electrical disorder could be involved in this fire.

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