A fire engulfed a huge shopping Mall, there are victims: the details of the emergency

Пожар охватил огромный торговый центр, есть пострадавшие: подробности ЧП

In case of fire in a major shopping centre injured people, including a pregnant woman

The incident occurred in the outskirts of the Romanian capital Bucharest.

There began to glow with a shopping center. The fire area already amounted to three thousand square meters. With fire fighting 37 fire brigades and dozens of rescuers, wrote Today.

Пожар охватил огромный торговый центр, есть пострадавшие: подробности ЧП

Rescuers noted the difficulty of extinguishing the Mall.

The fact that the warehouses of the commercial facility are paint, plastic, and other flammable substances and articles which, besides, smoldering, secrete poisonous substances.

During incident has suffered three people, including a pregnant woman. They were poisoned by carbon monoxide. The victims were urgently admitted to the hospital.

Local authorities urged residents living near the shopping center not to go out and tightly close doors and Windows of their apartments and houses.

As previously reported, the six firefighters who participated in extinguishing the fire of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, presented a serious accusation.

Firefighters can go to jail for a long time.

Men accused of the gang rape of a foreign student. The girl came to the French capital from Scandinavia. The crime occurred in the southern quarter of Paris.

It is noted that the accused in the rape earlier, was invited to the Elysee Palace. There they were, French President Emmanuel macron presented awards for the salvation of Notre Dame.

We will remind, the historic building started on fire the evening of April 15. Firefighters spent the night fighting fire. The fire fell, the roof and spire of the Cathedral. In General, the building was saved, and the historical value that was stored there, firemen were able to endure.

Пожар охватил огромный торговый центр, есть пострадавшие: подробности ЧП

For the reconstruction of the Notre Dame already collected more than 1 billion euros. Whereas before the fire could not scrape together necessary for the reconstruction of 150 million euros.

Recall that in the hospital died, another injured after a fire at a nightclub in Bucharest.

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