A film about the concept of transition

roberto-santaguida-profite-residence-deuxRoberto Santaguida is what might be called a filmmaker from within. What fascinates him, they are neither special effects nor the detective stories which, these days, abound on the screens of all sizes.

His camera looking to steal plots of souls, as evidenced by the project he has undertaken in the region.

For two months, in fact, the man benefited from the workshop-studio Saguenay-Montreal program, an initiative led by the Council of Saguenay arts, Artists studios TouTTout, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the OBORO art center and the arts Council of Montreal. Chicoutimi became his place of residence.

Originally from the metropolis, the artist with Italian roots had already visited the area. It dated back to ten years and his first reaction was to make a film that links are drawn between this early summer release and what it has become. A good idea that, for now, will not materialize.

“I found a more interesting way, as it often happens on the occasion of a residence. I decided to explore the concept of transition from testimony from people we met here, “Roberto told Santaguida during an interview at the conclusion of their stay.

In counterpoint, itself evoke anything that occurred in 2006. “I discovered how my actions could affect other individuals. I will speak in the film, “notes the filmmaker. He adds that this work, which has no title yet, will last twenty minutes.

Patience rewarded

Several people interviewed by Roberto Santaguida were referred by Martin Lavertu, Chief TouTTout Workshops and B owner who hosted his arrival at Chicoutimi. Before turning, the director took the pulse of each individual story to remember those that fit best with its approach.

“On camera, some have told the event that touched them, separation, for example by approaching directly. Others, cons, did so during a conversation with a loved one. At one point, the sensitive issue rising to the surface “describes Montrealers.

He sometimes waiting an hour, shoulder camera, to collect confidences likely to appear in his film. Surprises also occurred. “If we are patient, people will express important things in subtext, the ones they really want to talk,” suggests Roberto Santaguida.

One might think that this regular residences did not need to come to the Saguenay to deal with the concept of transition, except that the place inspired him. “It’s a constellation of several things, advance the filmmaker. It is both ugly and beautiful, quiet and lively. In addition, the climate was intense, with the sun and lots of snow. ”

Six sections were filmed and the film will be mounted so that we can project the loop without changing the subject. “When I started, I was creating documentaries with a personal touch. Today it is a mixture of me and other people, I want to see how they deal with their reality, “says Roberto Santaguida.

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