A few tips on how to keep greens fresh

Useful tips.

Декілька порад, як довше зберегти зелень свіжою

Sometimes it so happens that relatives or friends are treated to a lot of greenery or you have in the country is ripe for a good harvest, but you have to collect and take home. How to make all this fragrant beauty is not withered after a couple of days? Today we share a recipe”, which will help to keep greens fresh longer. She can lie quietly in the fridge for a week!

Take a clean dry banks. Valaamo feet from the green, if they are very long (parsley, dill, or something else), put it in the jars so that she was standing. No need to do it too tightly. Gently cover with cling film, and in it make a few holes with a knife. Need it to incoming air. Put in the fridge!

The beauty of this secret is that you don’t need to use water. Many Housewives pour it into a glass, and then, like a bouquet, put there bundles of your greens. That’s fine, but wither it is in this case the same as the beginning. If keep the greens dry, which doesn’t gets wet, nothing will promote rapid deterioration of her condition, informs Rus.Media.

If you have a bit of greenery, you can take a jar, and in it to store multiple types, for example, parsley along with dill. If you have something strongly aromatic like cilantro or mint, it is best to store them separately, in order not to duplicate the smell on other greens.

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