A few myths that we believed for a very long time

Get ready to really be surprised.

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

People are surrounded by information flow through which can be transmitted not only true, but also false facts. Of course, to learn to distinguish truth from fraud, we can not, but to debunk a few myths, go ahead. Get ready to really wonder, informs Rus.Media.

Dangerous additive monosodium glutamate

This is one of the most popular dietary supplements. It is a yellowish or white crystalline powder like salt or sugar that dissolves well in water and is used as a flavor enhancer, which greatly irritates the taste buds of the person and helps to ensure that any food seems delicious to him.

One time it was widely discussed that products with sodium glutamate should be avoided, because this substance is deadly. This can be considered true, but with one small addition – for adult human lethal dose is 1.3 kg/day. Who will master so much?

Masked chameleons

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

Many people believe that these lizards change colour to disguise themselves at the sight of danger, but in fact it is false information. A change in color of the body they respond to the physical, mental and emotional changes, and even with such a “function” of communicating.

White chocolate

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

In stores you can find different variants of “white chocolate”, but in reality, this phrase is meaningless, because in this dessert is no cocoa powder.

Manufacturer of dark chocolate requires the use of cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and sugar. In the milk chocolate product is added in addition to the above ingredients and milk. White chocolate, unlike their counterparts of the above components has only sugar and cocoa butter-beans, and therefore does not have a characteristic color and odor, which is characteristic of dark chocolate.

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The memory of the fish

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

The expression “you have a memory like a fish”, have already come into use, because there is a version that the gold fish might have something to remember no more than five seconds. In fact, experiments have shown that it is not, and to remember anything she can to five months.

Safe alcohol

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

Many who believe that the clear vodka has no additives, so it is the most harmless alcoholic beverage. I hasten to disappoint you, because it is the purified rectified spirit, which has a strong toxic effect and is addictive.

The five senses of man

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

From school everyone knows that man has five senses: hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch. This is only a minimum list, and even scientists do not know the actual number, but about 20, for example, hunger, thirst, ability to feel pain and temperature, keep the balance and so on.

A world without redheads

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

Common is the information that soon the Earth would not be natural blondes and red haired people. Actually it is a myth because the genes are not able to die, they just may not show up in hair color.

Nekropsi chips

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

If you want to try natural chips, then do them yourself, because in the store are already very difficult to find. Even in expensive chips composed of only 40% of potatoes, and all the rest is flour and starch. Now imagine how many additives in cheaper chips.

Warts from frogs

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

Who in the childhood parents told us not to pick up frogs because warts appear? This is nothing more than a myth, because the problem occurs because of the unique human papillomavirus, and it transmitted between people.

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Sausage diet

Декілька міфів, в які ми дуже довго вірили

With 40 years of doctor’s sausage began to be marketed as a dietary product, but it is far from reality. It contains not only pure meat but also a lot of supplements. Moreover, the SSU provides for the presence of flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and other not very useful additions to the recipe.

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