A favorite delicacy turned deadly: “made from petroleum”

Любимое лакомство оказалось смертельно опасным: «сделано из нефти»

These sweet products can cause cancer

Some sweets can trigger deadly diseases in the human body, however, there is a way to define them. Thus, specialists from the United States conducted extensive research and found out which Goodies are the most dangerous and can even cause cancer.

As it turned out, the main threat to health are sweets red color because they contain a chemical additive E129. This substance gives confectionery red hues, scientists believe.

You should know that this Supplement is extracted from petroleum products. For man it is a carcinogen, which can cause abnormal cell activity and the occurrence of malignant tumors. It is noted that sweets E129 cause allergies, neuroses and hyperactivity in children.

Любимое лакомство оказалось смертельно опасным: «сделано из нефти»

As a result of research, experts came to the conclusion that the most dangerous sweet – sweet drink Fanta, which also contains in addition to the dangerous carcinogen a lot of sugar. In the list of the most dangerous treats hit the red gummy bears, ice cream with berry flavor and a sweet fruit and berry syrups.

American scientists in their study, emphasize that this is a special danger and other colorants and preservatives, which, as E129 can be carcinogenic to the human body.

Любимое лакомство оказалось смертельно опасным: «сделано из нефти»

Previously, researchers from the United States reported that they conducted studies that refuted the theory that sweets are the cause of weight gain. The experiment was conducted over 5 years involving about 19 thousand people.

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According to scientists, in fact, wrong to blame the sweet that people gaining weight, because you can recover from any of the products if exceed kallara products and maintain a passive lifestyle. You can eat above normal amounts of calories even in case you have not sweet and not starchy foods, and healthy foods, such as fish or meat.

Recall, I want salted, smoked and sweet: as the organism shows that he lacks something.

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