A fatal accident has swept Ukraine: electrocuted, rock details

Смертельные ДТП захлестнули Украину: убило током, роковые детали

Two tragedies occurred in different regions of Ukraine, carried away lives of two people

On the highway Kiev-Kovel, Korosten district (Zhytomir R-n) 25 Sep the accident occurred. According to preliminary information of the press service of the local police, 69-year-old driver of the car “VAZ-2105”, turning left, didn’t provide advantage in movement “Ford Focus”. The result was a collision.

Owing to road accident the driver “VAZ” died on the spot.

Now there is an investigation under part 2 of article 286 (violation of safety rules of road traffic) criminal code of Ukraine.


Смертельные ДТП захлестнули Украину: убило током, роковые детали

Смертельные ДТП захлестнули Украину: убило током, роковые детали

Смертельные ДТП захлестнули Украину: убило током, роковые детали

And on the same day, but in the Ternopil region on the highway “Kyiv-Lviv-Rava-Ruska” the ignition of the car. It turns out that the driver at run time Hazrat touched high-voltage line, the press service of local management of the SSES.

As a result of fire the car. On the scene arrived rescuers who began to extinguish after the power failure on the line. The fire was liquidated, and the car saved. Unfortunately, the driver died from the shock.

We will remind, recently in Zhytomyr killed nine people. As it turned out, the fuel truck rammed a tour bus.

According to one of the victims, the accident happened instantaneously, but to avoid collision it was not possible.

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Earlier we wrote that in the Lviv region on September 26, the accident occurred. As it turned out, faced the car “Skoda Octavia” and the truck “Volvo”. As a result, one of the drivers died on the spot. Now set all the circumstances of the incident.

Also we will remind that in Kiev faced Lanos, Volkswagen and moped. The first car made arrival on the smaller transport, that is why he came under the wheels of the Volkswagen.

Смертельные ДТП захлестнули Украину: убило током, роковые детали

Found out that the mopedist brought down the Lanos and flew into the oncoming lane. The driver of the Volkswagen, moving in the opposite lane, did not have time to brake, and his car ran over a moped.

Earlier it was reported that in the capital of Mali, in Bamako, there was a terrible accident, it has affected more than four dozen people. The reason was the explosion of a tanker with fuel.

As a result of the explosion injured around 40 people, and six people died on the spot. All the victims received injuries of varying severity and were taken to the hospital.

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As reported Politeka, a fierce fire raged in the night in Kiev, in a residential building: managed to save not all, videos.

Also Politeka wrote that near Kiev man drowned in his car after fishing at the cabin turned out to be too much water.