A drunken investigator of the Odessa police rammed the car and showed underwear

Пьяная следователь одесской полиции протаранила машину и показала всем нижнее белье

The network published a video with a police officer Natalia Malyshevoj, which in an alcohol intoxication has arranged an accident in Odessa.

The corresponding video published on the page in Facebook Dmitry Kravchuk.

“Drunk police, but rather the Investigator of the seaside of the distance of the police in Odessa Marysheva Natalia had a car accident with standing on the side of the Car. On the determination of price in the medical ucherezhdeniy Drager showed 2.23 ppm, detected in the urine of 3.46. In the camp of intoxication. And showed itself in all its glory see, ” writes the author of the video.

We will remind, road accident with participation of Marichevoy occurred on the night of 1 August to the 1st station Lustdorf road.

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