A drunk driver in Odessa could be stopped only by the post (VIDEO)

Пьяного водителя в Одессе смог остановить только столб (ВИДЕО)

In Odessa, the driver of the Nissan, lost control, crashed into a tree.

The accident occurred this morning on the street of Marshal Malinovsky. No one was hurt.

At the time of registration of road accident the woman-the driver was behaving aggressively, trying to provoke a fight, did not fulfill the legal requirements of police officers. When checking for intoxication, the breathalyzer confirmed that the woman is in a state of alcoholic intoxication of 1.48 ppm.

The result is a 32-year-old lawbreaker will be punished under several articles of the Cao: for willful disobedience of an employee of the police, for driving while intoxicated and for violation of traffic rules, resulting in damage to the vehicle. Her car towed to the impound lot.

Netherese Vodiy – zagraza him!

Today, about 9-years on vulitsi Marshal Malinovskogo, Inca-automoble driver of the Nissan did not uperlas s keruvannya, Vigala for mezhi preggo, Chastain, de skola NASD a tree.Prabakaran, that arrived. for registration materials be useful patili scho Inca got viragen oznaki alcoholic SP Anna.For f also pracowali spivrobitnyky removalno service, that dopomogli vodic dstates s salon poveshenko of legkovik.On happiness have Prihod nhto not postradal.When Perevoz on mill SP Anna breathalyzer patogiu of netherese mill women of 1.48 promle.Pid hour registration materials vapona gromadyanska rubbed himself aggressively, threw Biko that is not wikinovel godnic legal vimoh prank Paltz.Oskolki sowela zagraza scho Mauger prosnica Zapotec sobi TA autochuck Skoda , stimuli that was delivered to vddlo Paltz.Wrest 32-rcnu proponency put she her adminstration materials for tatami Art: 185 (sesna Napocor precio polc), 130 (control transportnim zasobom from Stani SP Anna TA 124 (porsenna rules dorozhnogo movement scho I sprichinilo poshkodzhennya transport zasobu).The car evacuable strumigenys.

Geplaatst door Patrol polca Odeska region op Donderdag 9 augustus 2018


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