A draft and sad departures

CHRONIC / Everywhere I went last week, I had to answer this question: Yanick Jean has he done a good draft?
First, it must be said that the organization of Chicoutimi did everything to select the home keeper Olivier Rodrigue. However, it was impossible to achieve the dream. John has had to change the direction of his draft. First, he waited much later to pick a goaltender. He had to recover in three to hope that in the group, there will be perhaps a nice surprise. It should be recalled that last year, nine new players broke in with the Sags. Admittedly, the previous year, they had the oldest team in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Last year, they had the youngest team of the entire circuit and played most of the season with five 16 players. A total of 20 veterans will report to training camp in August with the aim of drill training. There will be not many places for recruits fished in Charlottetown. I think a maximum of one or two young people will break the alignment. Remember that the majority of drafted players are aged only 15 years. Besides, if you want a little more detail on what Yanick Jean thinks of his draft, simply go to the Facebook page of Sags where Sebastien Morin conducted a long interview with the CEO.

Last week was pretty special. First, we learned of Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest in the history of boxing. I followed his good years. I was a fan of boxing at that time. It was a spectacular boxer, probably the greatest of his time. Boxing in Quebec lived special and especially magical moments. Here in the region, I remember very many good years of Jean-Yves Fillion, Alfred Lagace and Serge Tremblay. Elsewhere in Quebec, Paduano, Cantin and Melo filled the old Montreal Forum. It was of course quite exceptional for boxing in Quebec. Ali also marked boxing outside cables because it was for blacks incredible ambassador. Wherever he went, he was received like a head of state.

Later this week, we learned of the death of famous number 9 of the Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe. The first parts I had the opportunity to watch television in the 50’s were of course the famous confrontations between the Canadiens and Red Wings. The Rocket Richard, also the number 9, against Gordie Howe. It was truly exceptional years for the National Hockey League with only six clubs. We all remember Abel, Lindsay and Howe, who formed a trio just fantastic.

Also in this week was the start of another great, this time in the region. I knew very well Fr. Gerald Lintel. For several years, he was an outstanding individual to the community. You never could say no. He was a leader wherever he passed. Last year, at a dinner in the middle of Lake Thumb, former PQ MNA for Chicoutimi, Stéphane Bédard, gave him the medal of the National Assembly to mark its social involvement. Last Friday, so I went to greet one last time Gérald at Sainte-Anne. I lined up for 55 minutes before moving past the coffin. I realized once again how he was a man appreciated by the entire population. A very special hello to Gerald Lintel. As you can see, it’s been a week of departure.

A word about golf in conclusion. Last week there was a meeting of CEOs of area clubs. An agreement was signed between the clubs of Saint-Prime, Lac-Saint-Jean, Saguenay and Chicoutimi that allows members to seven days to go play on other courts for the modest sum of $ 25, cart included. You’ll notice that the Port-Alfred club is not included. I do not know the exact reason, but I doubt some of the reasons which prompted the other DGs not include baieriverain club.

Interview by Dave Ainsley

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