A diet of potatoes: is it possible to lose weight and what is dangerous

Диета на картошке: можно ли похудеть и чем опасна

Everyone knows that potatoes are not very healthy, and the phrase “potato diet”, it seems at least strange

The tuber has a negative effect on some aspects of health, but there are people who claim that have been able to lose weight with its help.

Experts told can I lose weight by eating one potato in the diet.

Диета на картошке: можно ли похудеть и чем опасна

Many people know that the tuber is bad for health as it increases blood sugar levels and weight gain. There are people who say the opposite, because with the use of vegetable in the body receives nutrients, such as fiber and carbohydrates.

She potato diet became popular after an American actor was to only eat this vegetable during the week. After that, one athlete from Australia said that due to this diet lost 50 pounds.

The essence of the diet is that all meals should be made from potatoes. Throughout the term you need to eat all kind of dishes from vegetable and low-calorie dishes. After that, says the athlete, it significantly decreased the blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Experts say that perhaps this potato diet for some people, but don’t stick to it for weight loss.

Recall about sugar, oil and potatoes: nutritionists are concerned about the dangerous habits of Ukrainians.

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Nutritionists concerned about the dangerous eating habits of Ukrainians. Ukrainians in the daily diet eat few fruits and berries and lots of sugar, which leads to cardiovascular diseases.

Диета на картошке: можно ли похудеть и чем опасна

This was stated by the President of the Association of nutritionists, Oleg Shvets, during the discussions on the diet of the Ukrainians.

“The diet of the Ukrainians today are dominated by potatoes — an average of 213 grams per day and allinoneruby bread — 280 grams per day, consumption of which nutritionists recommend to minimize. And only 20 percent of Ukrainians care about the amount of sugar in the daily diet, who eat average 90 grams instead of the recommended 25 g, the tolerable upper boundary — 50 g. Therefore, today in Ukraine the death rate from cardiovascular disease was 7 times higher than, for example, in France, ” — said Shvets.

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