A deadly virus is attacking vacationers at sea: the doctors are sounding the alarm

Смертельный вирус атакует отдыхающих на море: медики бьют тревогу

After bathing in the sea died suddenly tourist – physicians reported smrtonosna a dangerous virus that attacks campers

The tragedy occurred on the Baltic sea after swimming in the sea, and died an elderly woman. It is reported UATV with reference to Gazeta Pomorska:

“Contamination of a deadly bacterium occurred while swimming in the Baltic sea. The German tourist, probably accidentally swallowed sea water, or had on the body the wound or scratch through which her body hit the bacterium” — referred to in the message source.

Смертельный вирус атакует отдыхающих на море: медики бьют тревогу

European media write about that today, there were four cases of disease caused by the bacterium “Vibrio vulnificus” — that this infection probably picked up the pensioner who died:

“Bacterial infection proved fatal for an elderly woman who was at risk of infection, namely, among people with weakened immune systems. This is the first victim of Vibrio vulnificus in Germany this year”, — announced his conclusions about the case, experts of the State Department of health and welfare Germany.


Vibrio vulnificus – a bacterium that is present in the bodies of water such as estuaries, brackish lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Usually found in the Gulf of Mexico, however climate change has led to her appearance in other places of the world, particularly in the Baltic sea. It is known that the bacteria thrive at salinity 0.5% and a temperature of about 20°C.

And that the following three types of infection can cause infection of Vibrio vulnificus:

— acute gastroenteritis (symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain);

— necrotizing infection, which can develop into bullous dermatitis;

— sepsis, which directly leads to death.

Смертельный вирус атакует отдыхающих на море: медики бьют тревогу

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Recall also that in the state of Florida, the United States recorded a rare virus Eastern equine encephalitis. It is reported by the Ministry of health of the country.

It is known that a dangerous virus “born” from the tropics:

“Normally it is found in areas remote from civilization forests of South America, however, global warming contributes to the advancement of the infection to the North” — referred to in the article “Science Alert”.

So researchers have previously found a virus in the organisms of chickens that are used for monitoring the spread of infectious diseases and announced who is the peddler passes it to animals:

“The pathogen enters the body through the bite of an infected mosquito, and then within a few days of developing a deadly inflammation of the brain.”

Scientists insist that the infection of chickens may be indicative of increased risk of infections in humans.

Смертельный вирус атакует отдыхающих на море: медики бьют тревогу

Recall of the dangerous virus decimated the country: “from the beginning of the year 800 deaths”

As reported Politeka, an ecological disaster drove people to despair under the Dnieper.

Also Politeka wrote that disaster is looming over Kiev declared of extreme danger.