A deadly infection attacks the country, “was in intensive care after…”, Ukrainians in danger

Смертельная инфекция атакует страну: "попала в реанимацию после…", украинцы в опасности

The woman after eating the fish came to the emergency Department in the Zaporozhye region

She was taken in serious condition with the diagnosis “a botulism”, writes the edition “the Outpost”.

During the epidemiological investigation revealed that the victim had consumed the fish, which probably caused food poisoning. Also conducted laboratory researches of a clinical material (blood samples and wash water from the patient) for the presence of botulinum toxin.

Specifies that the dried bream affected used on 8 July. Then she suddenly became ill.

Смертельная инфекция атакует страну: "попала в реанимацию после…", украинцы в опасности

As is known, the cause of botulism most often become a home-canning – meat, fish, less vegetables. Therefore, it is recommended to buy smoked products, dried fish in suspicious places.

Recently it also became known that in Kiev because of the consumption of dried fish, cases of botulism. It is reported Infectious Department 2nd oleksandrivska clinical hospital of Kyiv.

For dried fish, made at home, the so-called popular “taranka” — many Ukrainians were in the hospital:

“In the ICU, two patients with that rare disease (the botulism – ed.). Both got sick after eating the fish. Only in the last five months we have treated six patients with botulism. And that more than 600 thousand hryvnias of taxpayers ‘ money that has been spent on protivobotulinicheskoy the antitoxin for these patients.”

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Earlier it was reported that in Krivoy Rog girl got in the resuscitation Department of the hospital. 11-year-old girl fell ill with botulism after ate fish, bought in one of the shopping centers Krivoy Rog, Krivoy Rog reports First.

The family enjoyed the salmon hot smoked and dried roach. The next day the girl appeared symptoms of poisoning. The child was hospitalized, and then transferred to the intensive care unit.

Смертельная инфекция атакует страну: "попала в реанимацию после…", украинцы в опасности

In serious condition she was transferred to the intensive care unit of Central hospital Kropiwnicki with a diagnosis of botulism. She was injected with the serum against botulism, she is in the hospital in a state of moderate severity.

It turned out that the fish, which poisoned the child, were bought in Odessa.

Recall of the dangerous virus decimated the country: “from the beginning of the year 800 deaths.”

As reported Politeka, measles began to go into a coma Ukrainians: “not vaccinated”.

Also Politeka wrote that Komarovsky discovers the truth about vaccination against measles in developed countries.