A deadly explosion occurred in the unit! Exploded ammunition. Many wounded

Смертельный взрыв прогремел в воинской части! Рванули боеприпасы. Много раненых

The incident with big consequences happened at the local landfill

In the Sverdlovsk region of Russia there was an emergency in one of the military units.

3 may evening, in an explosion at the site part, one soldier was killed and four were injured.

Смертельный взрыв прогремел в воинской части! Рванули боеприпасы. Много раненых

About it reports a press-service of the Central military district in Russia:

“According to preliminary reports, on 3 may 2019, being at the site of the military unit, the soldiers in the security breach sparked a fire that caused the explosion,” – said in the message.

The victims were taken to the military hospital of the garrison, said the Russian Ministry.

We recall, was a young Ukrainian soldier.

Vitaly Dragan, who refused preferential treatment, died yesterday.

About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the Center for assistance to participants of ATO Kirovohrad regional state administration Vadim Nikitin:

“Sorry guys, sorry. Eternal memory of Vitaly Dragan. Condolences to the family and relatives,” he said. Смертельный взрыв прогремел в воинской части! Рванули боеприпасы. Много раненых

We will remind, scandal with doctor Kiev cancer Institute Anna Gubareva, who refused to guy in preferential treatment erupted last summer.

Cancer atoshnik refused to treat the National Institute, saying that he “shot at a brotherly nation”.

Former special forces Vitaly Dragan from Kropiwnicki, member of the ATO in the Donbass, were treated in Kirovohrad regional Oncology center. Man passed eight courses of chemotherapy, but the treatment was ineffective. Then the patient was sent to the national cancer Institute.

According to Dragan, he was received by Dr. Gubarev. But the medic refused treatment, citing military past Vitali.

“Got to MS Gubareva Anna Alexandrovna, candidate of medical Sciences, which specializiruetsya precisely this treatment that I need. She met me, so that even in the heat cast from the words, “Did you benefits, because you’re the brotherly people were killed,” — said the veteran of the ATO.

Vitaly also said that he called the treatment sum – 200 thousand UAH.

We will remind, explosions rattle warehouses APU: in the Ministry of defense issued an urgent statement.

As reported Politeka, the invaders got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

Also Politeka wrote that APU destroyed the traitor militants left without a “Nose”, a photo of werewolf.