A dangerous disease in women after 45 masquerades as a common cold

Опасное заболевание у женщин после 45 маскируется под обычный насморк

Women after 45 years have sensitive to their health, even if it’s just a cold, warn doctors

Rhinitis in women over 45 years may be a manifestation of nasal liquorrhea from the nose stands out the cerebrospinal fluid, this is a serious pathology. To treat this zabolevanie need the efforts of ENT and neurosurgeons. Told honored doctor of Ukraine Bogdan Biel.

Опасное заболевание у женщин после 45 маскируется под обычный насморк

“This is the phenomenon of leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from the nose is called the nasal spontaneous licorea. In women this disease is more common than in men and usually after 45 years: in the mucosa of the nose are formed holes, through which the produce cerebrospinal fluid. This disease causes meningitis and other infectious diseases,” explained the doctor.

The doctor added that the runny nose and nasal liquorrhea is a different disease, but nasal liquorrhea requiring urgent medical care.

“Such manifestations of the disease occur after injuries, after surgical intervention in the nasal cavity. If there are symptoms such as the excretion of clear liquid from the nose, the doctor must suspect that there is a probability of spontaneous nasal liquorrhea. After consultation with a neurosurgeon they prescribe a treatment that allows these openings in the nasal cavity “close”, this stops the secretion of cerebrospinal fluid,” — said Dr. Bogdan Biel.

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Опасное заболевание у женщин после 45 маскируется под обычный насморк

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