A couple of Shawinigan welcomes triplets

audrey-morasse-martin-lavallee-leur(Shawinigan) There are those events that literally life-changing. Morasse Audrey and Martin Lavallée Shawinigan know something. This couple is already parents of a little girl of six years suddenly saw the family grow with the arrival of not one or two but three babies.

“They are my little miracles,” says the mother of three identical triplets born cute not May 15 and above named Lesly, Zack and Ayden. Premature, the three little had to spend some time in hospital before arriving at home.

These little creatures are indeed miracles to their parents because they have long been desired. The couple hoped to have a second child after the birth of her eldest, Kellyann. However, the adventure was long and painful. Audrey Morasse had two miscarriages, the same resulting in a depression.

The couple appealed to the assisted reproduction clinic of University Centre Integrated health and social services (CIUSSS) of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec. Morasse Audrey and Martin Lavallée will always remember that day when they went to the hospital for ultrasound of the great news.

“The day before the ultrasound, I had a weird dream. I dreamed we were told we were three, “recalls one for whom Father’s Day has a special color this year.

“The lady who was my ultrasound told me she had a ” méganouvelle ” to tell us,” adds Audrey Morasse.

“When we were told we had triplets, Audrey began to tremble and I laughed [laughter a little nervous],” adds her husband. “It changes your life. But I love it. ”

Today these difficult times when they were trying to have a second child are behind them. A simple glance at the three young triplets is enough for parents displayed a wide smile.

On entering the new home Morasse-Lavallée, one aspect is obvious. One quickly notices the three shells of infant car seats, three rocking chairs and bottles reserve worthy of a family child care center.

The new parents of triplets quickly realized one thing: to have three babies, it requires organization. “Good thing triplets drink the same hours … we are lucky,” says the father, smiling.

Despite all the organization of the world, have triplets results in significant costs. Since the announcement of the coming of the baby, the family left her apartment on the third floor to move into her new house and she is selling the car to get a minivan.

“Our fathers have really helped us to purchase the house and work. We had no choice, it was to be there! “Says Martin Lavallée. “We’re lucky to have found this house, it’s perfect for us. It can be here long. ”

Being self-employed, Martin Lavallée said he had no right to parental leave. So he quickly returned to work after the birth of his spouse. On his side, his wife lost her job as a nursing assistant while she was pregnant. Her employer claimed to have been forced to cut staff because he had lost a contract with the CIUSSS.

“We have a lot of help from our parents,” says, grateful, Mr. Lavallée who notes that the State provides $ 6,000 to parents at the birth of triplets.

Parents must also possess everything in triplicate, making calculations easy to buy diapers and milk for premature baby. To buy these products in bulk, the couple received gift certificates from well-known chains of pharmacies.

When the mother was in her womb three small, about 80 people attended a spaghetti dinner to raise money. Audrey Morasse, this big shower babies was an incredible surprise. And the key, the mother of triplets collected $ 800.

Friends have also offered several accessories or clothing. This community support is highly valued by parents of a family that is suddenly increased from three to six members.

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