A collision: a fatal accident happened to the plane, the first details of the tragedy

Столкновение в воздухе: фатальное ЧП произошло с самолетом, первые подробности трагедии

As a result of collision of glider and plane killing the passengers

Near the city of calgary in Alberta, Canada faced a single-engine Cessna 182 Skylane and a double glider, local media reported.

The incident occurred about 40 kilometers South of the city. After the collision, the plane was able to land, but the glider suffered a sad fate – he crashed and who was in it, two people were killed on the spot.

In fact, air accident investigation. Other details not reported.

Столкновение в воздухе: фатальное ЧП произошло с самолетом, первые подробности трагедии

Also earlier it was reported that in pohorilivka village, Chernivtsi region crashed glider, in which were two men. At the moment, the police investigate the details of the emergency. On the first results of investigation told the Department of communication of the police in Chernivtsi region.

It is reported that the plane crash injured two 51-year-old men. One of them is master, who came to the village of Khmelnytskyi region to repair the glider, and the second is a local.

The injured were taken to Zastavnivsky Central regional hospital.

“At the scene works investigative team Zastavnivsky police Department. Law enforcement authorities established that the aircraft is owned by a local entrepreneur and has been used for processing of fields. After maintenance, the glider made test flight”, — told the police.

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Столкновение в воздухе: фатальное ЧП произошло с самолетом, первые подробности трагедии

Recall that the crash of combat aircraft occurred during a spectacular air show.

Attack suddenly lit up and began to roll toward the highway, where there was lots of movement.

The incident happened in the South of France. There the plane of the French aerobatic team Patrouille de France skidded off the runway. He stopped just a few meters from the main road D117.

As told local media the eyewitnesses at the scene started a small fire. Put it out. And before that, according to the representative of Armed forces of France Cyrille Deville, the aircraft “started to rush down the runway and eventually slid off of her.”

We will remind, Ukraine has bought a plane-killer, from which all refused.

As reported Politeka, U.S. military aircraft were spotted near the Crimea.

Also Politeka wrote that a naked man “terrorized” the plane with the Russians.