A cocktail inspired by a surgeon

andre-duncan-prepare-competition-made(Sherbrooke) Andrew Duncan will be the first and only Sherbrooke to take part in the competition Made With Love, which sets professional mixologists competition to determine the best of Canada.

The Sherbrooke been working for months to create a cocktail, but also the atmosphere he wants to give his workstation at the competition of June 6 “I am inspired by the photo of the year of National Geographic in 1987. It is full of intensity and, for me, it was a good parallel with the work I’ve done to get to the competition, “said Andrew Duncan. The photo in question shows a Polish doctor after a 23-hour surgery, exhausted, stressed.

Andrew Duncan is inspired by the environment of an operating room to decorate the bar he held during the competition. He will be accompanied by three renowned bartenders Montreal, his wife and one of the owners of Savoroso, all dressed in surgeon for the occasion.

The lucky ones can enjoy a Bloody Caesar as ice cream. Without distorting cocktails, mixologist preparing the mix caesar upscale Walter ice, then vaporizes vodka and pure sea buckthorn juice. This mixture of flower smoke and dehydrated lemon salt and celery adds air. It was therefore entitled to a cocktail while texture and flavor.

Andrew Duncan benefit from the platform granted to it during the competition to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation, blood and plasma. “Accepting to donate organs can have a huge impact on a person’s life,” he says.

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