A car with teenagers crashed in an accident: four dead, rock details of the tragedy

Авто с подростками разбилось в ДТП: четыре трупа, роковые детали трагедии

A terrible accident took the lives of several people

About it informs the press service of the National police in Chernihiv region

It is noted that the bloody tragedy occurred at about midnight.

Авто с подростками разбилось в ДТП: четыре трупа, роковые детали трагедии

As you know, the car at which wheel there was a teenager, lost control and flew into a roadside tree. The impact was so strong that he and his three passengers-peers died at the scene.

“After midnight the police received a report that in Chernigov, an accident with victims… As it turned out, the car collided with a roadside tree. Blow was such force that the car was torn to pieces. The girl who was sitting in the passenger seat, was lucky to stay alive. She was hospitalized in traumatologic office of city hospital”, — said the press service of the national police.

The investigators found that the minor driver took a Volkswagen Passat that belonged to his grandfather, gathered his friends and went to ride. Because of the rain on a section of road he was unable to cope with the management, which led to the bloody tragedy

“The guy planned to get a driver’s license. During the descent of the hill on the wet road he didn’t choose the safe speed, lost control and left the roadway. Information on incident entered in the Unified register of pretrial investigations, open criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 286 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (violation of safety rules of traffic or operation of vehicles, entailed death of several persons)”, — summed up in Department

Авто с подростками разбилось в ДТП: четыре трупа, роковые детали трагедии

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Previously, we reported about a terrible accident that occurred near Zhitomir. In particular, inform the police, a terrible accident happened last night, September 22, on 250 km of the highway Kyiv-Chop.

It is established that near the village of Great Molod’kov Novograd-Volyn district of the truck with the semitrailer, at the wheel which was 55-year-old man, lost control and rammed a passenger bus that was standing at the side

At this point the 66-year-old driver of the bus stopped to change a tire, and most of the passengers were on the side of the roadway. In the result of a terrible accident from his injuries, 9 people died, ten more, including the driver, were hospitalized in Novograd-Volyn hospital.

We will remind, terrible road accident happened in Odessa: “a fire, a huge tube and flipped the jeep.”

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As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.