A candidate Z loves embarrasses the best friend of his wife by revealing that she is attracted to – Here

This Wednesday, in The Z’amours, Tex was awarded a candidate who has not hidden his attraction to the best friend of his wife. If his wife took it rather well, interested – in the audience – was very surprised.

There is always something going on, on the plateau des Z’amours : marriage proposals, announcements pregnancy, candidates atypical that surprise the audience… what a surprise of day-to-day Tex, the facilitator, who sometimes takes a malignant pleasure to unwrap all the secrets of the entrant(e)s. This Wednesday, he asked the three men in competition, one question that angry, the kind of question that you may break a couple of two times, three movements : “If you were not with your wife, which of her friends could be you as a couple ? “And one of them responded with a lack of hesitation disconcerting.

“I want to think about a woman that looks nothing like mine, has launched Jesse. Well that would be Maria, which is here in the audience. “This last, at the peak of the surprise and annoyance, was asked by Tex to come join them on the plateau. “She is embarrassed, I love it “, is amused Jesse. Shocked, Maria said that she was a “nice man” before returning fissa in the public. When Valerie, the wife of Jesse, was invited to guess the response of her husband, she found it right away. This was obviously not a secret between them.

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