A bus with passengers crashed in a terrible accident, throughout the splinters flew soon: video

Автобус с пассажирами разбился в страшном ДТП, всюду осколки, слетелись скорые: видео

The bus with people flew into the tram at the crossroads in St. Petersburg and turned over

Information on victims is specified. On the site there are several ambulances.

The network got the video, which heard a dialogue between two men.

“What happened?
I don’t know, we came out of people.
— There all is normal?
— Heaviest here.”

The video shows that the covering of the damaged tram, and around on the pavement lay broken into small pieces of glass.

Near ambulances on the victims were injured.

We also wrote that, in Hungary, in an accident crashed 10 Ukrainians.

The accident occurred on route 381 in Hungary. Injured 10 Ukrainian citizens. Local doctors did all the necessary, victims in road accident are in constant contact with relatives.

Автобус с пассажирами разбился в страшном ДТП, всюду осколки, слетелись скорые: видео

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All the news

The driver of the Mercedes minibus carrying Ukrainian citizens collided with a tree due to speeding at the intersection.

“According to police reports, the driver of a Mercedes was speeding, lost control at the intersection has moved down on a roadside and faced a tree. The accident injured 10 Ukrainian citizens: 6 people were seriously injured, 4 – light,” it was reported.

The victims were conscious and informed relatives about the incident.Three Ukrainians did emergency surgery.

We will remind, the truck staged a fatal accident in the Kharkiv region

As he wrote Politek, the bike had a fatal accident in the river

Also Politeka reported that the undefeated champion crashed in an accident.