A bloody package with a body found near the home, in Ukraine, the boom in violent crime

Окровавленный пакет с телом нашли возле дома: в Украине бум жестоких преступлений

Become aware of the most resonant crimes which have occurred over the first ten days of may

Appropriate post posted on his page in social network Facebook the first Deputy head of the national police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin. He wrote that the police had no time to rest during may holidays.

First offense, about which wrote Abroskin has occurred in the Sumy region. There were found the charred remains of men and women. As it turned out, previously convicted for the murder of a brother killed his sister and her friend, and then tried to burn them in the furnace.

Окровавленный пакет с телом нашли возле дома: в Украине бум жестоких преступлений

“In Sumy missing persons, 1983, and his friend, 1981 Find them alive failed. In the course of search and investigative actions only found their bones in the oven at home sibling female. After a while he was arrested while trying to travel outside of the region. This man, born in 1983, has previously been convicted of murder, after the arrest said that he had killed his sister and her friend, who became his guests, in the course of the conflict, and then put in the oven and burned”, — Abroskin wrote. He also said that on may 6, were found the remains of the brother and sisters of the 1950s year of birth. They have left elderly mother, who is currently 90 years old. However, who is the murderer is not yet known.

Окровавленный пакет с телом нашли возле дома: в Украине бум жестоких преступлений

In addition, a member of the national police described the incident that occurred in Mariupol. A local resident found in his garden a bloody package with the dismembered body of a man: a torso without a head or limbs. The killer managed to catch. He was a man who killed his own grandfather.

“Mariupol. A local resident reported that a neighbor in the garden found a bloody package. During the inspection police found that the package is the body of a male without head and limbs. In hot pursuit police arrested the man, born 1985, who killed and dismembered his grandfather,” wrote Abroskin.

Also described a murder committed on the territory of Vinnytsia region. There’s a man wanted to Rob a local private entrepreneur. He killed himself and his wife with firearms.

At the end of the post, he said that only a few high-profile crimes.

Recall that the Zhytomyr killer revealed grisly details of the crime.

As reported Politeka, the guy was beaten to death by his friend under the Curve of the Horn.

Also Politeka wrote that the scandalous case Sava Nikitin, who brutally murdered his wife and child, new facts emerged.