A bill to legalize gambling lobby arakhamiya and the Russians, media

Законопроект о легализации азартных игр лоббируют Арахамия и россияне, — СМИ

The head of the faction “people’s Servant” David Arakhamiya referred to as one of the key lobbyists of the draft law on regulation of gambling. In addition, it is lobbying actively involved the Russians

About it writes “RBC-Ukraine” in the article “betting coup: who is lobbying the bill to legalize gambling” transmit “the Facts”. For the countries where the casino based-land are prohibited, the people are used to stay at www.daisyslots.com/ to play virtually.

2 September, the President appointed Zelensky responsible for the preparation and submission to Parliament of draft laws on the legalization of gamblingPrime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, the Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova, speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov and the Chairman of the faction “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya. It Arakhamiya in mass-media named one of the lobbyists of the bill on the regulation of gambling in its current form. In particular, it was reported that the bill Arakhamiya written by two market participants betting office “Parimatch” and “Favorite”, the article says.

Earlier journalists of the program “Schemes” fixed regular meetings between the head of the “servant of the people” with minority owner of the company “Parimatch” and its General Director Sergey Portnov.

“The media wrote that July 2019 Arakhamia regularly visits the Central office of “Parimatch”. In addition, Arakhamiya have a friend Andrey Astapov, the owner of the legal company Eterna Law, who also worked with “Parimatch” as a lawyer, and also had a direct relationship to the writing of the text of the government bill. What, when communicating with journalists, Arakhamia admitted himself,” — noted in the material.

As stated in the article, David Arakhamiya was also called the name of another key lobbyist of the bill on regulation of the gambling market — Boris Baum. It was he, according to the journalist Yuri Nikolov, presented the basic concept of the draft law.

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“In his article the journalist, in particular, writes: “Boris Baum — owner of “gambling” offshore First National Lotteri Ltd. Was previously known as the representative of the group “Luzhniki” Russians Alexander Babakov, Evgeny Giner and other reputable business having in Ukraine a number of power companies. Informally around the fact that there was already an aura main “reshaly”, which is the name Kolomoisky supposedly opens any door in the Office of the President.” “Luzhniki” — is, above all, a businessman Mikhail Voevodin, Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Babakov (in respect of which sanctioned by the U.S. government and European countries, voted for the annexation of Crimea), as well as the President of sports club of CSKA Evgenie Ginner. They have a lot of assets in Ukraine”, — is spoken in article.

The article notes that Baum “in the game” — it is not a secret. The same Nikolov posted a photo on his page on Facebook, along with the lawyer of Law company Eterna, owned by a friend Arakhamiya Astapovo.

Законопроект о легализации азартных игр лоббируют Арахамия и россияне, — СМИ

“Right — the same Russian Boris Baum, who, on behalf Zelensky today in the parliamentary Committee explained the bill to legalize gambling. And to the left a lawyer “ETERNA”, which supposedly (according to meeting participants) and wrote the bill. ETERNA is a law firm lawyer Astapova, a client which is “Parimatch”. And that’s the bookies this bill took away the right to online casinos. Astapov personal friend Arakhamiya, who have “Servants of the people” was a patron of gambling”, — the journalist wrote.