A 3 year old child fall into the enclosure of a gorilla, the slaughtered animal

girillaEmployees of the Cincinnati Zoo in the eastern United States, had to kill one of their gorillas Saturday after the fall of a boy aged three in the enclosure of the monkey, announced the management.

The child crossed by crawling a fence that bounded the primate enclosure and fell into a ditch, said to the press the director of the zoo, Thane Maynard.

Harambe, a male gorilla 17 years old and weighing more than 180 kilograms, “came down and caught,” according to the director of the zoo, which has eleven representatives of this species.

The ape was then dragged around its habitat boy screaming, according to witnesses interviewed by the local media, before the response team on dangerous zoo animals do not fire on him, killing about 10 minutes after the entrance of the boy in the pen.

The boy was hospitalized for injuries but his days are not in danger, according to media reports citing police.

The response team made the decision to shoot the monkey bullet rather than administer a tranquilizer injection with a rifle because he would not have immediate effect, justified Mr. Maynard, for which the zoo “had never experienced such a situation.”

“Our response team on dangerous animals found that it was a situation of life or death,” he added. “They saved the life of that little boy.”

This incident recalls another, which occurred a week ago in Santiago Zoo in Chile and has angered animal rights activists: a man of 20 has entered voluntarily into the cage with two lions, which were also slaughtered by park staff.

The man, who said in a letter found in his pocket inspiration of the Bible, was seriously injured by the two beasts but his prognosis is no longer engaged.

“When a person’s life is in danger, you have to sacrifice the animals,” said the director of the zoo while saying “appalled” by the incident.

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