90% of cancer cases in Canada affecting 50+

tout-180-000-nouveaux-casAlmost 90% of cancers were diagnosed in the country in 2013 have affected Canadians over 50 years, Statistics Canada reveals.

More precisely 88% of all diagnoses in this age group is clearly the forefront when it comes to cancer. Canadians aged 25 to 49 follow with 10.7% of cases. The 25 and under were affected 1.3% of diagnoses.

In all, there are 180,000 new cases of cancer were identified in Canada in 2013.

Lung cancer remained the most common, representing 13.5% of all cases. The breast cancers (13%), colon and rectum (12.2%), prostate (10.9%) and the bladder (5.3%) followed.

More specifically, testicular cancer was the most common in men under 25 with 15.6% of cases. Among men 25 to 49 years, colon and rectum cancer was most prevalent with 11.7% of diagnoses. Their elders aged 50 and over were particularly affected by prostate cancer (23%).

In women, cancer of the thyroid was the most prevalent in less than 25 years (14.8%). Breast cancer then scooped the most common cancer sinister title in women over 25 years, with 33.9% of cases among 25 to 49 years and 25.3% of diagnoses in the 50 and over .

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