9 tricks that will help to overcome the autumn Blues

In just a few weeks, fall steadily come into its own.

9 хитрощів, які допоможуть подолати осінню нудьгу

The temperature dropped, the trees change color, the darkness earlier and earlier shrouds of the street. Autumn prepares the nature to sleep and people also unconsciously change their rhythm. The level of activity of the organism decreases, it is difficult to concentrate, the brain feels vulnerable, and the body tired and sleepy, informs Rus.Media.

Activity level and mood are closely linked. Therefore it is very important at this time of the year to find ways to restore energy, not only useless to fight with bad mood. Of course, it’s hard to argue with the rhythms of nature, but it is worth knowing a few tricks that will help you to spend the winter months in good shape.

Sleep more

Naturally, the body requires more sleep this time of year. The lack of sunlight reduces vitamin D, reduced levels of serotonin and cortisol in the brain. The energy of the body decreases. Need more time to recharge the body. Try to go to sleep and Wake up at the same time. The regime will help to regulate daily rhythms of sleep and improve its quality.

Wake up at dawn

The sun rises early and quickly comes, we get very little sunlight. That is, the earlier you Wake up each morning – the more vitamin D will be able to get your body which in turn helps to raise the levels of cortisol and serotonin and the hormones ensure a clear brain and a good mood.

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Remember nutrients

Your body gets fewer nutrients, because less sunlight, which ensures the level of vitamin D. Vegetables and fruit that you eat is also less nutritious because they also receive less sunlight, or they are not fresh because it traveled from the other end of the world to your table. At this time, it is important to choose the right diet, which would have provided more useful products. You can even take vitamins, but before you do, consult with your doctor to make sure that they are right for you.

Live in motion

When you feel sleepy, it is easy to convince yourself that you were too tired to exercise. You need to combat this lethargy with movement. Movement will help restore good health. Don’t need strenuous exercise, if you really hard. But there is enough to go for a brisk walk in the fresh air or yoga.

Minimize communication with screens

Fall so easy to get stuck at home, the smartphone or the TV, because there is no mood for walking in the dark in cold weather. You must fight this feeling, by doing just the opposite. Force yourself to finish the work on time, to limit the time of communication with the screen. Select the hour to turn the smartphone off. You can avoid sleep disorders that are most often found in autumn and winter, when we get enough sunlight to regulate natural bodily rhythm.

Allocate maximum time for walking

Pay no attention to the wind and rain, to conquer the bad weather. Autumn fresh air is an elixir to the lungs, and also a good tool for managing the energy levels of the body. Take your time to admire the autumn colors, cover yourself in warm clothes and the weather will be overcome. Always remember that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

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Create comfort

Autumn – the perfect time of year to turn your living space into your own little happy place. Light the candles, put a vase of autumn flowers, bake some delicious cakes and prepare a Cup of your favorite herbal tea. Cover yourself in a nice warm blanket and grab a good book. This will help to relax your mind and replenish your body.


Embrace is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your energy level. Physical contact is a natural desire of any person, and there are plenty of studies that confirm its positive effect on your mood and your energy. Organize a movie night with your loved one. Hug friends. Open more hugs to their children. Don’t avoid close embrace with your Pets.

Be kind to yourself

And last but very important tip. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to feel tired. It’s okay not to be wholly engaged and productive around the clock this time of year. Give yourself a break and give rest to his body and mind.

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