8 bad habits that impair the functioning of the kidneys

8 плохих привычек, которые ухудшают работу почек

The kidneys require special care and attention. Bad way of life can undermine the work of this vital organ. In addition to medication, without limitation, other common habits such as eating too much salt or dehydration can be very harmful to health and the health of our kidneys. Magicforum found out which habits can adversely affect your kidneys.

How the kidneys work?

The kidneys are the organs that are constantly working to filter wastes and toxic substances that are products of metabolism.

Urine through our kidneys are able to eliminate most of the toxins that enter our body through food, environment and drugs that we use.

However, as in the case of other systems and organs of our body, the kidneys can lose their efficiency due to certain diseases and bad habits.

The problem is that we don’t pay them special attention. Unfortunately, it often happens that we cherish some bad habits. Especially those that can lead to premature deterioration of kidney function.

Do you know which habits are most harmful to your kidneys? If not, then through this article you will learn them today. But that’s not all, don’t limit yourself to reading. Begin to act as soon as possible to get rid of these habits today!

1. From urinating

And while it may seem that this is not a very important issue, but the reality is that from urinating can really have a negative impact on the health of your kidneys.

Retention of urine for a long time increases its level in the urinary tract. This can cause inflammation and ultimately lead to kidney disease.

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This is definitely inappropriate habit also exerts more pressure on the bladder. This could further complicate the whole process of eliminating waste from the body. Moreover, this habit can also be one of the causes of urinary incontinence in the future.

2. Irregular drinking regime, dehydration

If we want to keep our kidney to work properlyand for the optimal conduct of the process of detoxification you should drink plenty of fluids during the day.

Dehydration can lead to the development of kidney stones, various infections and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.

3. Smoking cigarettes

People who smoke cigarettes every day, in most cases aware of the risks that they may face because of their toxic content.

But usually this knowledge is focused exclusively on the health of the lungs and respiratory system. However, few people are aware of the fact that the harmful substances contained in tobacco products, also have a negative impact not only on lightweight but also on the kidneys and heart.

This complicates the process of cleansing the body, carried out by the kidneys and thus increases their susceptibility to infections.

4. Choosing the wrong kinds of drinks

All your favorite sodas, energy and other commercially produced water can be the cause of many diseases associated with impaired renal function.

These fluids contain too much sugar and other synthetic additives that adversely affect your metabolism, which in turn seriously affects the health of the kidneys in particular on their status and health.

The use of the above mentioned drinks in large amounts, can directly lead to the development of kidney stones, inflammation and chronic kidney disease.

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5. Consumption of too much sodium

The sodium present in ordinary salt used in the kitchen. This ingredient in significant amounts to be in many foods that we eat every day.

Unlimited consumption of salt, which seems pretty common these days, is directly related to high blood pressure and early kidney dysfunction.

And given the long-term trends, excessive sodium consumption also upsets the balance of other minerals in our body, which can lead to electrolyte imbalance, which in turn disrupts kidneys.

6. Excessive use of drugs

Drugs used for the purpose is usually useful in the treatment of common health problems. However, but frequent use can cause a number of side effects, which negatively affects the health of the kidneys.

When we irresponsibly take some drugs, this can have serious health consequences for our kidneys and liver, two organs that take an active part in cleansing of the body and metabolism.

Excessive use of aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, affects our kidneys, in extreme cases causing them irreparable damage.

7. Too much protein

Regular consumption of foods high in protein prevent the kidneys and may lead to the development of chronic diseases of this organ.

8. A sedentary lifestyle

People leading a sedentary lifestyle, are at a significantly greater risk of kidney disease compared with people who prefer active lifestyle.

•First of all, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, often do not pay attention to food and prefer an unhealthy diet. And this, of course, further complicates the work of the kidneys.

•Second, the lack of physical activity negatively affects the blood circulation.

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•Third, this way of life increases the risk of hypertension, but also affect the health of your immune system, which in turn increases the risk of various types of diseases and infections.

If you realize that applies to you and a large number of the above-mentioned habits, try to change your lifestyle to a more healthy subsequently not had to endure the negative consequences of your neglect. Remember that kidneys are very sensitive organs!


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