6000 private subscribers stream Alma

1226158More than 6,000 subscribers are without power in Alma and around since Monday afternoon.

Some customers of Hydro-Quebec. The others are dealing with the electrical service to the city, whose network is powered by the corporation, and it would be responsible for the problem. Alma redistribute load electricity to its subscribers.

On the map of the balance sheet interruptions, available at Hydro-Quebec, one can see that the fault extends Hébertville, Saint-Bruno, Saint-Gedeon and all downtown Almatois. An “equipment failure” is mentioned.

The call of the Daily municipality was automatically transferred to the fire department, who was overwhelmed.

“The failure appear to be short-lived. We received many calls from worried traders, especially those of refrigerated products, “says the head of communications in Alma, Audrey-Claude Gaudreault.

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