6 health drinks, invigorating than coffee

6 оздоровительных напитков, бодрящих не хуже кофе

Millions of people around the world every day start your day with a mug of coffee, but doctors remind that the absorption of caffeine depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and also involve contraindications. Some caffeine is metabolized in such a way that after some time after drinking the feeling of extreme fatigue and sleepiness.

If after an hour or two after drinking the coffee begins to get sleepy and there is physical weakness, perhaps for the maintenance of tone you’d better choose another drink.

A huge number of people does not represent their morning without a coffee flavored beverage. However, it has many contraindications and to get involved they shouldn’t. In particular, scientific experts to drink ginger tea: according to them, the tonic effect of this tea longer than coffee. In addition, ginger tea strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and metabolism.

Well invigorates and enhances efficiency tea with Jasmine. Being a good prototype coffee, Jasmine tea and even activates the process of purification of toxins, experts noted.

Another drink that can replace coffee in terms of physiological tone is warm (it is important that warm) water with honey and lemon. In addition to the effect of vitality, this drink is also useful for strengthening the immune system.

Great drink – cacao: contains antioxidants, improves the condition of blood vessels and cardiac muscle and maintains vitality is no worse than caffeine. This drink is high in calories, but a Cup of cocoa a day will not hurt. Do not forget about the chicory, a great coffee substitute for individuals with intolerance to caffeine.

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In addition, for the prevention of physical fatigue and lethargy useful pomegranate juice. This drink is rich in vitamins and minerals, activates blood circulation — magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus. For mental clarity and high cognitive function that is necessary.


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