$ 5M more for Saguenay roads

The citizens of Saguenay attend orange cones proliferation in the coming months. The City will give a blow in road investments.
In addition to the $ 11.3 million provided to the three-year capital and $ 3 million from the federal Gas Tax Fund, the municipal government should invest an additional $ 5 million.

The total amount injected in 2016 for road repairs and for the realization of maintenance works should reach almost $ 21.5 million.

The additional budget of $ 5 million has not yet endorsed by the city council, but a notice of motion to this effect will be tabled at the next public meeting, June 6 The recommendation comes from councilor Jean-Yves Provencher. It’s as President of the Treasury Board that it proposes the injection of more money, all funded through a debt settlement.

In an interview with Progress-Sunday there two weeks, the Provencher adviser expressed the desire for major projects in infrastructure put on ice. He stood as financial priorities repayment of debt, which currently hovers around $ 381 million, and the overhaul of the road network. The needs are so pressing that the Treasury Board has decided to act to try to take over.

“In the three-year plans from 2011 to 2015, there was still about $ 11 million that were in the road network, in addition to the return of about $ 4 million from the Gas Tax program. With what we put each year, it’s hard to take over. It has already passed a $ 2 million extra a month ago to the ranks. Here I recommend a $ 5 million more, “argued the advisor, in an interview. The financial challenges in the same breath senior levels whose support, he said, “would be much appreciated.”

The priorities identified by municipal officials

While acknowledging that several arteries are hard in the three districts of Saguenay, Provencher advisor does not want to name the roads that could be investments this year.

However, it insists that the prioritized areas have already been identified by the Engineering and Planning Department.

“It is important that priorities are identified by the services and it does not come from politics,” he notes.

Jean-Yves Provencher take his retirement from politics at the end of this mandate and obviously wants to leave a legacy to the citizens for whom he served for 16 years.

To critics of the Tremblay administration, who argue that the city should have acted long before rather than promoting the deployment of special projects, Jean-Yves Provencher said that great things were done in Saguenay.

“Our arenas have all been redone and are in very good condition, our water and our filtration plant networks have been renovated and we found beautiful projects. But I do want to further that the road network is in order, “concludes alderman.

Taxpayers are fed up
Saguenay taxpayers are tired of driving on the roads in such poor condition. Their ras-le-bol was echoed to the Treasury Board, whose mandate is to define the main financial guidelines of the City.

“This is the message we have for the population. Everyone speaks and counselors are often approached by citizens when asking for asphalt work, maintenance and repair of roads “, continues Jean-Yves Provencher, who relies on the decision of his colleagues City Council members for the next steps. If the proposal to invest $ 5 million more this year is accepted, the sum will be added to the current year’s budget.

road investments elsewhere in Quebec
Other Quebec Cities must also invest heavily in their road network this year. This is particularly the case of Gatineau, where $ 26.4 million will be injected.

In Trois-Rivières, an amount of $ 16 million has been reserved for three-year capital (PTI) achievable for road work in 2016, all categories.

On the side of Sherbrooke, the total envelope for road works from municipal coffers will reach $ 13.6 million.

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