5-year-old boy who was shot by drunken cops died: details

5-летний мальчик, в которого стреляли пьяные копы, скончался: подробности

Best Kiev doctors to the last struggled for life of the child

5-year-old Kirill was shot drunk police the evening of may 31.

Parents did not lose hope that everything with the baby will be fine. However, unfortunately the miracle didn’t happen – boy, who received a severe bullet wound in the head, died in hospital, according to News.

5-летний мальчик, в которого стреляли пьяные копы, скончался: подробности

Kirill was injured playing with older brother on the Playground. And the neighborhood drunk cops decided to practice shooting accuracy on the metal banks.

Making the “culprits”, they quietly went to drink further, but for the life of the child started this fight.

Unfortunately, we lost precious hours. In Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, a small district town in Kiev region was not in the hospital the MRI and the doctors have been unable to determine the cause of the injured child.

Later from Kiev arrived the neurosurgeon and Cyril immediately transferred to the Metropolitan clinic. The doctors did surgery on the boy, but the bullet is not able to get it. All this time doctors gave very cautious forecasts, reporting only that the boy’s condition is very heavy.

As we wrote earlier, the boy’s grandmother told about the tragedy.

“It happened in a split second. Suddenly the children heard a shot. At first I thought someone threw a firecracker. Seeing that Kirill is lying on the pavement and his head is bleeding, at first I thought that he, frightened, fell down and broke his head. Then the guys remembered: when he fell, his face was already covered with blood…”, – told reporters the grandmother of the child victim Alexander Tleuova.

According to her, the older brother Cyril just came into the house frightened and started to scream that Cyril was not breathing, he dies. Frightened adults, to not waste time waiting for the carriage “first aid” themselves at the car just flew with the child to the hospital.

Reporters found out the identity of the suspects in the incident law enforcement officers. Thus, in particular, one of the patrol 42-year-old Sergeant Petrovac. He works in the sector response patrol police Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Department of police in the Kiev region. The other suspect is a 31-year-old Lieutenant Prikhodko, inspector water police.

5-летний мальчик, в которого стреляли пьяные копы, скончался: подробности

As it turned out, the suspects in Friday, may 31, apparently decided to relax and began to drink alcoholic beverages. Then they wanted to shoot on the banks of a firearm. Cops competed in accuracy in a public place. In the end, drunken antics and tragedy with Cyril.

The boy’s grandmother said. That there were witnesses who saw law enforcement officers that tragic night.

“Shooting our child, they went to have fun further. At three in the morning people saw them, drunk as lords, literally fell out of the car. And about four o’clock in the morning, as far as I know, they already arrested,” the woman added.

Her words are confirmed by the head of Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi of the police, who, according to relatives of the boy said that during the arrest they “generally do not think”.

The suspects did not deny it and confessed that they were fired, but who were at the head of the child was not able to explain.

The family is firmly committed to the police are punished. “There is no sincere repentance, there is, apparently, no,” – said Slavova.

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