5 Oct 2018 day FokI and Ions: what not to do in this day

The people October 5, is considered an unlucky day.

5 жовтня 2018 день Фоки та Іона: що не можна робити в цей день

October 5, Orthodox Christians remember the focus of Sinope and Martyr of the prophet Jonah. People day call Fokin and Ions, Deciduous or Litter, informs Rus.Media.

Holy Fock and ion. Who are they?

Phocas lived in the first century in the city of Sinop, where in his youth he converted to Christianity. In adulthood served as a Bishop, led a virtuous and pious life, healed people and cast out the demons from them. When did the persecution of Christians who suffered cruel torments, but did not denied the faith. Was executed in 117 year. Holy Foca pray for protection of property from fires.

Jonah is one twelve minor prophets. One day the Lord appeared to him and sent to preach to the city of Nineveh. But he didn’t listen and sailed on a ship that goes to another place. Journey began a terrible storm. The sailors cast lots to see who negrep and aroused the wrath of God. The choice fell on Jonah, then he admitted that he had not obeyed God’s commands, and asked the sailors, “Throw me in the water and the storm dies down”. Did so. In the sea he was immediately swallowed by a giant whale. For three days Jonah sat in the belly and constantly prayed and then a miracle happened – the cat threw its prey to shore. Jonah went to Nineveh and began to preach Christianity there.

The people October 5, is considered an unlucky day.

If you focus on the strong winds blow, they say that they can bring all sorts of ailments, evil eye, curses, evil spirits. And that was not the wind in the Fokin day in Russia adhere to certain restrictions. 5 Oct forbidden: strike the ground with sticks and whips; smoke and old brooms; send wind curse; to destroy the anthills.

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According to folk belief, focusing on Jonah and the villages begin to walk autumn fever-trasonic.

The best protection from disease and all evil forces is the aspen tree. Therefore, when you yourself have to wear a piece of aspen bark or small twig, fever will be afraid and will not stick. At the corners of the yard need to drive stakes or tie them to the posts of the gate.

Good protection of housing from the evil forces will be a talisman from the aspen branches. In the manufacture it is possible to add colorful cloth and ribbons, bird feathers, colorful buttons and beads. Ready amulet need to be sprinkled with Holy water and hung over the entrance to the house on a severe thread.

Traditions and rituals

To this day the main part of the leaves on the trees settled, therefore, on October 5, the people called Deciduous, beginning this fall.

Jonah should not eat fish in memory of the stay of the prophet in the belly of the whale. Violation of the prohibition is considered a great sin. Also this day is not encouraged fishing and fish trade.

But in abundance on the tables should be a radish, because it is on the day FokI done to gather her harvest. In Russia it was decided to serve this vegetable with onions, salt and kvass.

Folk omens

1. If to this day the leaves on the birch trees have not yet fallen down, so the snow soon will fall.

2. When the day FokI and Ions fly a lot of the web, we can expect a prolonged and warm fall, winter will come again soon.

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3. A small number of cones on the pine trees suggests that the winter will be warm.

4. If to this day the maple with the cherry tree is completely bare of leaves, so winter cold is not far off.

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