5 easy steps to get rid of perpetual confusion

The mess in the house? Then read our article.

5 простих етапів, щоб позбутися від вічного безладу

The modern woman is not what it was several decades ago. If earlier the weaker sex were interested in only the household, but now almost every second sees himself at the peak of the career or in business. The less time given to the house, the more chaos he sinks and draining a lot of time. But all problems can be solved, the main thing is to build the process of cleaning and then everything will work out, informs Rus.Media.

First step: recognize the fact that the mess is a problem

First you need to recognize that the constant state of clutter brings a lot of inconvenience. Recall and list yourself when you couldn’t find your keys, important document and other valuable and necessary things? Just imagine, according to statistics, in search of the TV remote, in the year a person spends about 3-5 days, and it’s only the remote, what to say about the rest. And if the thing were not found, in addition to time to buy new you have to spend more and Finance.

When clutter has become a problem.

When the house is a mess – ashamed to invite guests, and as uncomfortable when they come unexpectedly? And by sitting in this room is not comfortable. List the cons of domestic chaos can be long, but it proves that the mess is a real problem that must be fought. Realizing this, to restore and maintain the cleanliness will be much easier.

Second step: always start small

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If restoring order is still not in the habit, you should not scare yourself and produce rejection in the process. Do not start the clean of the large-scale business – is better to take the minimum.

For a start, set yourself a small task and get him a specific time. For example, in the evening take five minutes to wipe the dust. The next day, measure 15 minutes for washing floors, etc.

The cleaning service took a minimum of time, should throw out of the house trash, down to the last detail – overdue the makeup in the trash, a bunch of small Souvenirs there, go through old clothes and clean her wardrobe. Throw away what you don’t like and just takes up space.

Cleaning the house starts small.

All the right things, especially the little things, fill the containers in order of priority. There is no point to keep on mind that being used once in six months.

Throwing all the junk, and needs expanding in places you will feel how the apartment became easier to breathe, and space has become much more. At the end of the process, congratulate yourself and do something nice, buy a Goodies, for example, or watch your favorite show with a Cup of coffee.

Third step: forgive yourself for extravagance

Very often the problem of cleaning becomes guilt. Over time, the house accumulates a lot of junk which is a pity or a shame to throw away. For example, old Soprani already full of holes and a towel that was embroidered grandma or gifts for friends.

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And don’t forget to throw out all unnecessary.

Psychologically difficult to throw away like that – as a result, the space makes a lot of uselessness, which is also kind of spoils, and not being used. It’s time to forgive yourself and to finally throw it all up!

Fourth step: be honest with yourself

There is another bad habit that negatively affects the cleanliness of the home. It is familiar to many, and you can describe it in three words “And suddenly come in handy…”. How often it happens that while cleaning is a thing of whose existence you had completely forgotten that was lying in the far corner without the need for 10 years, but instead to throw it away, you thought “maybe once will come in handy”, put it back. Remember, if over a long period of time, you didn’t mention some things it will not need!

Not useful!!!

Should not be a pity to throw away things that you will not use, but which paid a lot of money. For example, you purchased an expensive lipstick, the color of which you do not go – do not store it, it’s useless.

The fifth step: make cleaning just in a good mood

Never think that cleaning is a punishment – approach the process with the other, creative side. A clean house is the key to good energy and mood. Moreover, while it is possible to find things, the search for them was in vain. And that process passed on the positive, include a fun turn up the music, put on your fun and cleaned up a little dance.

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And a great day!

And finally, remember the Golden truth – pure, not where clean and where don’t litter. Therefore organize once the global General cleaning, and then just maintain cleanliness and not litter the space with unnecessary things.

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