47 bells for the 47 victims of Lac-Megantic

meganticois-observe-minute-silence(Lac-Megantic) The minute of silence to pray and remember, to commemorate the tragedy three years ago, announced for the stroke of noon, Wednesday, July 6, in Lac-Mégantic, on the forecourt of St. Agnes church, was transformed into several long minutes of silence while the 47 bells is ticked by blows honoring the 47 victims of this terrible event.

Shots bells that resembled the tocsin, to the old, the bell announcing a death in the village …

The pastor of the pastoral unit Sainte-Marie-du-Lac, Gilles Baril, was first addressed the crowd in admirable words after the Angelus noon.

“It is vital for us to remember. For it three years ago, 47 of us were dying by the fire of martyrdom, while life was still full of promise. We do not want them dead for nothing, but they left the question: What do we do now in our lives? How do we express our solidarity community? “He launched substance.

“We must give thanks to people all over the city that are devoted to reconstruction. Through the language of bells, they join us, as the bells connect us to our loved ones, for the communion of thought and presence. ”

The moment was soon full of solemnity while the emotion was palpable. The treble sounds of small bells and bass sounds big alternated … On the church square, stood at attention, several personalities, including the member for Brome-Missisquoi, Pierre Paradis, government official Quebec, accompanied by MP for Mégantic, Ghislain Bolduc, the Consul of France Catherine Feuillet, visiting for the occasion, five of the six Lac-Mégantic councilors present Mr. Mayor Jean-Guy Cloutier, etc.

“We planted 47 butterflies in the flower beds of the church flowers. And in the evening, the special illumination of the church system projects 47 stars on the square … The 47 people were filled with life’s ideals. We continue to carry them in our heart. I hope they will be for us a source of comfort, especially for those who have difficulty with their happiness! … “Concluded Mr. Baril priest.

John and Kim Clusiault

Jean Clusiault Kathy lost her daughter in the tragedy. He was accompanied by his only other daughter, Kim, and both agreed to talk to the reporter.

“The hardest is loneliness. Since I live alone, it is sometimes difficult to bear. A day like today, the more you think about it, that wear out. My priority became Kim, but the absence of the other is difficult to live even today, as the two were inseparable, “he testified, emotion near the throat.

“My buoy is Kim now. Kathy, I really can not do anything, it can perhaps help us … But Kim needs me. If I had lost both, July 6, 2013, there would have been three people buried, I would not have been able to cross it! ”

Kim chains. “Kathy lack too many significant events of life when she was still there. It’s very family at home. My graduation ceremony on 11 June, it was an important event where it might have been present … No member of my family, I would never have passed through! It stands, it is tightly woven … If you live yet, three years later … “to entrust Kim, without finishing his sentence.

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