408 Quebec: music, cinema and nod to Richard Garneau

ville-quebec-offre-programmation-plus(Quebec) Quebec City celebrates 408 years Sunday with the foundation protocol events menu, music, cinema and a nod to Richard Garneau.

It has become a tradition in recent years: the Labeaume administration introduced the Quebec festival with a program more varied.

Sunday, the party starts with a protocol with character, at 9:30 am, Mass in music at the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Quebec. It will be followed at 10:45 by the salvation in neighboring Champlain monument Château Frontenac. Subsequently will be held from 11:15 am, the traditional guard of honor with music of the Royal 22nd Regiment and the ceremony of the rights of citizenship in front of City Hall.

Like last year, cultural activities are held in the gardens of the Hotel de Ville with musical performances and animation until 19h with the vocal group atmosphere, the Farafikeb group, the choir Ad Vitam and lyrical Brigade opera festival in Quebec.

From 13h to 17h, a heritage tour will allow a tour of the heritage of religious communities in the Old City with stops at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, United Church Chalmers-Wesley, at the Morrin Centre, the Musée des Ursulines, the Augustinian Monastery at St. Andrew’s church, the House of literature and the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Quebec.

Inauguration of the Richard Garneau

July 3 will also be the inauguration of the square-Richard Garneau, corner of Cartier Avenue and René-Lévesque Boulevard at 16:30. This tribute to the famous deceased sportswriter in 2013 and grew up in the Montcalm area will be attended by the Mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume, Julie Lemieux counselors and Anne Guérette and son of Richard Garneau, columnist and Stephane Garneau facilitator.

The animation in public will continue with musical performances.

At 20:45 up to the movies with a programming Kinomada and Film Festival of Quebec City.

It will present a selection of short films followed Kinomada, at 21:30, for the outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s I Confess, shot in Quebec in 1953.

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