400 years of French Ontario: the curtain falls on the feast

(Penetanguishene) Celebrations of the four Francophone presence in Ontario for centuries ended Friday in Penetanguishene, even where Samuel de Champlain first set foot. The Ontario government is said to have achieved its objectives with celebrations that gave unprecedented exposure to the French fact.
“On the occasion of the 400th, French Ontario has taken its place, our place,” said Madeleine Meilleur, Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs of Ontario on the occasion of a great closing event that attended by several hundred people.

“It was a pivotal year for Francophones and Francophiles and the culmination of four centuries of courage and perseverance in defending the French fact,” she added.

Friday, the natives have figured prominently during the celebrations. The organizers point out that Champlain had with them a trade and cooperation relationship. A large dance friendship featuring Meilleur, the French consul and Indian stakeholders has also illustrated this beautiful arrangement.

A message in Quebec

The Ontario government leaders hope that the 400th has enabled Quebecers to discover that it is possible to be received in French in some areas of Ontario and realize that the history of French America can also be discovered in Ontario soil.

This year of celebration will give unprecedented visibility to French Ontario, by the Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs of Ontario Madeleine Meilleur. “It was beyond my dreams. Francophones from all over the world have learned they Franco-Ontarian cousins ​​they did not even know existed! “She says.

“We noticed it when the Ontario delegation came. We found it was a great job for the French, extremely sincere. We were touched to see how much the Francophonie can shine in a predominantly English-speaking province, “said Nathalie Papin Oleon, the deputy mayor of Honfleur, city where did the explorer Samuel de Champlain to to America in 1615. She can not believe that Francophones can successfully thrive as, despite his minority.

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