39-year-old woman gave birth to 44 children: “record of the 21st century”

39-тилетняя женщина родила 44 ребенка: «рекорд 21-го века»

A unique woman who gave birth to 44 children, raising children alone

Her husband left her with many offspring a few years ago.

A woman in the 21st century, the record-holder for the birth of children, living in Uganda. She brings 38 family of children. Mariam is only 39 years old, according to TSN.

39-тилетняя женщина родила 44 ребенка: «рекорд 21-го века»

Mariam Nabatanzi was married when she was barely 13 years old.

Immediately after marriage the girl started having babies one after another. Only Mariam gave birth to 44 children, but six of them died when they were babies.

It turned out that the woman is very rare feature of the organism. So she gives birth to more than one child. So, the record holder gave birth to five twins, four triplets, and five Cybernet.

23 after the birth of the child, the mother went to doctors with a request to make her an operation that will not allow her to give birth. However, the doctors refused, saying that surgical intervention is a threat to her life.

All of his children, Mariam brings one. Husband she never helped. It is all these years has laid a hand on her, abused and, in the end, when a woman gave birth in last time, left the family.

As previously reported, a shocking confession made in a large Russian family. In Russia due to new regulations of payment for garbage removal parents planned to take their children to the orphanage.

In Russia from January 1, entered into force new payment rules for waste management. Now the price does not depend on area of housing, as before, and the number of people living in the apartment or house.

The new rules has shocked hundreds of thousands of Russians. Particularly affected large families, low-income families. Thus, it became known that the family of nine people living in the Urals, the planned “exchange” their children on the garbage – take them to an orphanage, because the payment for them was almost overwhelming.

Of such a blatant case, said the Deputy of Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly Alexander Korkin. According to him, this he learned from one of his voters, which called him with the question of what to do. People began to receive bills and can’t pay them.

39-тилетняя женщина родила 44 ребенка: «рекорд 21-го века»

“She cited the example of their neighbors from the village of Korkino of the Turin district, in a family of nine people. They can’t physically pay at the new rate of despair and are thinking about how to turn children over to the orphanage,” — said the shocking story of the MP.

He noted that now with new rules this large family must pay for garbage removal more than one thousand rubles per month. At first glance, money is small, but the fact that the cost of month low in the family less than 11 thousand rubles for all nine.

Recall that the Groisman decided how much to pay for the baby: “funny money”.

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Politeka also wrote that many children brought Ukrainian children to disaster: “the terrible consequences”.