37 technologists abolished posts

lynn-brie-porte-parole-aptsThe cuts of some $ 15 million imposed on integrated university Centre for Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) in the region hit the staff of the laboratories of hospitals.

Of the 135 posts to be abolished in the network, 37 are medical technologist positions, confirms the alliance of professional and technical staff of Health and Social Services (APTS). And eight positions will be created in Chicoutimi, where is the laboratory will be centralized server where most of the analyzes conducted to date in the laboratories of Dolbeau-Mistassini, Roberval, Alma, Jonquière and La Baie. According to APTS, these laboratories will be asked to be dismantled.

“We question the Chicoutimi laboratory’s ability to absorb the surplus of analyzes from across the country with only eight more technologists. Automation does not satisfy all needs; same performance, a machine has its limits, “argues Lynn Brie, spokesman of the APTS for the region.

The latter fears and the CIUSSS do more on the private sector for this type of work. For when laboratories fail to meet demand, the surplus analysis is entrusted to companies. “The same phenomenon was observed during the reorganization of Ontario laboratories public network. Ultimately, exercise is paying for private firms while employment in the public system are lost for people trained in the region, “she complains, in a press release sent Monday night.

Centralization also has risks, says Brie, indicating that incidents have occurred recently. Last April, including 22 patients would have had to return to the Jonquière hospital to provide new samples because the boxes had been forgotten during the weekend in Roberval where the samples to be analyzed.

Management would not say the affected services or departments, preferring to first inform unions.

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