2nd appointment of Kadam: Focus Lisa LeBlanc and Bernard Adamus

lisa-leblanc-lancera-bal-vendredi(Granby) This is still far, and we will have ample time to talk, but the two headliners of the next appointment of Kadam are already confirmed: Lisa LeBlanc and Bernard Adamus have both agreed to take part in the second edition of this event, which will take place on 4 and 5 November. And as in the first time, is to celebrate music as much as the food.

“I am very happy!” Says the boss of the agency shows Kadam Productions, Kathia Guénard, about these two beautiful “taken”.

Lisa LeBlanc launch the ball on Friday evening with a new show in the tradition of his album announced for 2016. “We expect his return with this album. It will be among the first shows that it will, “says Guénard, entrusting have conducted long-term steps to accommodate the singer Rendezvous Kadam.

“Lisa LeBlanc was my favorite of the Song Festival. This is an artist that I like. To see back in Granby, this is both special and deserved, because this is where it started for her. ”

“Artists who are capable of festive shows, that move, there is not much in Quebec,” she adds.

This is the same side that broke was adamant to receive Bernard Adamus the next day, Saturday. “I have worked for the last year. It did not work, but we had an option for next fall. And the stars are aligned, “says the producer.

Adamus will offer songs from her album Soviet Sorel So What, a blend of country, mojo and “blues groove.”

The two guests will both be preceded by a first party artist, but no name is confirmed yet.

If the inaugural edition of Rendezvous Kadam, in 2015, was held in the United Church, the next will be presented at the Red Room of the High School of the Divine Word in Granby. “It will be for many people the opportunity to discover this beautiful small room. This is a well kept secret in Granby! “Says Guénard.

This space, which can accommodate 150 to 220 people depending on its configuration, will be fully available to Kadam, who can develop it and use it at will.

Kathia Guénard fully intends to maximize the potential of the place. “Other activities will graft all weekend. And we still do much room for food and produce. This will also be the image of Lisa LeBlanc and Bernard Adamus. ”

To be continued.

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