23rd VoiceFest “epic and magical”

finale-toute-emotions-poesie-dimanche(Trois-Rivieres) The curtain fell Sunday night on the 23rd edition of VoiceFest Trois-Rivieres. The organization can say mission accomplished while most satisfactory performances attracted crowds.

Thomas Gregory, CEO of VoiceFest, is pleased that the festival were guided to the rhythm of the proposed innovations throughout this edition. However, there were several blue chip stocks in programming that would definitely attract very large crowds. That was the case for Hedley who was on the main stage Saturday.

“An explosive evening, a mob was rarely seen an atmosphere like this festival,” says Thomas Gregory outset. “They gave quite a show. These are great professionals. They hold the crowd in their hands and they know how to play with. I think all people have spent an incredible evening. They left with stars in their eyes. ”

He says he was surprised to know that fans have spent the night in the tunnel port to ensure enviable seats for the show of the Canadian group. “We did not expect especially that people are sleeping in the tunnel, it’s not really the most pleasant place to spend a night,” he acknowledges, smile. “But we’re happy there are real fans. There were many, many people from outside who joined the people of the region. It gave a very positive evening, very dynamic. ”

We also compared the crowd to the Cowboys Fringants which attracted more than 15 000 people last week. We can not say how many daily bracelets were sold for this show, but are estimated at “several thousand”. There was still a relief to hand after this performance “because we have worked very hard to have a group like that,” says Mr. Gregory.

It was Jean-Pierre Ferland who made sure to close the event on Sunday in a show while intimacy despite the thousands of people gathered at the port. Age seems to have no effect on the author-songwriter who still nourishes applause and pampered the audience by presenting his greatest hits.

“It’s an icon of Quebec song. This is perfect to finish the festival with confidence. Some poetry on the St. Lawrence, one can not ask for more, “says the CEO.

FestiVoix, like any festival, is dependent on weather conditions. Rain is also coming spoil some evenings, but nothing to discourage the organization. “The weather this year has been kind to us. Yes, we had rain, so we had a storm, but it’s like that. We can not guarantee nine days of good weather. One is accustomed and festival too. They arrive with their equipment. We passed between the drops and escaped. Ultimately, it will make an epic and magical edition. ”

By leveraging the novelty and variety, it seems the VoiceFest has just referred. “We had a lot of scenes full this year. People follow us and trust us. All scenes are important. “Some initiatives have attracted particular attention of the public, especially the lighting of the tunnel under the Turcotte terrace where drawings were projected on the walls. “People have told me a lot,” admits Gregory.

For him, one of the heart of this edition of strokes remains the presence of voice choirs Hangar No. 1, opened for the first time to the public. “We cracked. And when we love once, we love always. Voices choirs are doomed to stay VoiceFest, Hangar No. 1 or elsewhere “But do not ask him if he has other projects in mind to optimize the use of Hangar 1 next year. He remains silent . “You know us. Our suggestion box is already filled for next year. ”

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