216 district in Kyiv decided the leader of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada – RAND

На 216 округе в Киеве определился лидер выборов в Верховную Раду – РАНД

If elections were held this weekend in the 216 district in Kyiv, according to personal ratings, which are the majoritarian candidates, the first place would take Andrey Yusov, the second – Pavel Teslenko, the third would have been Alexander Zelensky.

As reported by the Browser, evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Center of social engineering “RAND” in the period from 8 to 11 July. The experts conducted an election poll among respondents-voter district 216 town of Kiev.

According to the report “RAND”, the study aimed to identify their ratings of the candidates and not the candidates in conjunction with the party, from which they are nominated.

На 216 округе в Киеве определился лидер выборов в Верховную Раду – РАНД

Thus, the highest-rated candidates, who have their own authority and, respectively, the highest ratings in constituency No. 216, became (among those who will go to the polls and decided on a candidate): the first place candidate of the “Civil position” – Andrey Yusov (23 3%), followed by Teslenko Paul (17,1%), the third is the namesake of the current President – Alexander Zelensky (12.4 per cent). In fourth place – the acting Deputy of city Council Vitaly Pavlik (11,7%). Fifth place is occupied Saburina Les – 10.5%, while her personal rating is much lower rating of “Servants of the people”, the party that nominated her.

In “RAND” are also explored personal disapproval of the candidates.

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As reported in the Center for social engineering, the rating of candidates, for whom would not have voted under any circumstances, as follows: the first line is Pavlik, Vitaly (41.1 per cent) and Pavel Teslenko (12.7 per cent). It should be noted, both of these candidates are current members of the city Council. But, the leader’s personal rating Yusov Andrei has the lowest rating of 1.9%.

На 216 округе в Киеве определился лидер выборов в Верховную Раду – РАНД

According to the sociologist and expert on communications Dmytro Gromakov, not surprising in a situation with personal ratings are not.

“We examined personal ratings and anti-ratings of candidates-mazhoritarshchik on the 216 district of Kiev. The results show that even if the rating party will nominate its candidate for the district, it does not specify absolute flow rating of the party on the rating of the candidate. Because the candidates themselves have to communicate with voters, to present personally his program of action to convince to vote for him. For many it is simply not possible. And so the picture is quite normal, when voters will cast a vote for a party but will not support its nominee” – said the expert.

Recall that early parliamentary elections will be held in Ukraine for July 21.