Leading “eagle and tails” revealed details of the new season

Ведущая «Орла и решки» раскрыла детали нового сезона

19 Aug new season of the popular travel show “heads and tails”. To explore the resorts along with the lines of Sergei will be Ukrainian singer and actress Alina Ostrowska.

In an interview with the online edition of “Apostrophe.Lime” Alina Ostrowska told about the filming of the project, dealing with criticism and the restoration after long flights.

Ostrowska told how took place a casting.

“I sent your videos, come to the casting and the job is performed in front of the camera, as usual for this kind of interviews is briefly talked about himself. Once even shot some kind of review, walking near the river Dnieper in Kiev”, — she says.

She also told about how to cope with phobias during the filming of the project.

“I’m afraid of heights, but it’s not a phobia, but a strong instinct of self-preservation. I have many times jumped with a parachute, climbed to the top of Macau tower 338 meters and still every time even on a children’s ride I’m freaking out…So, in the “tails” I have a lot of time to test the adrenaline, I already knew. Of the moments “will not/do not want” there is one caveat — I’m a vegetarian. But how to show the country, not taste it? And, of course, often traditional dishes with meat or fish. I responsibly try to describe for viewers, but not always possible,” she said.

Also she told about how to recover after long flights.

“I carry a yoga Mat. If it doesn’t have anything similar to the gym — doing in the room or on the street. And before bed, watching funny videos with animals. After footage of the country allow yourself to eat some tasty stuff. But in General, the universal restoring life hack is, of course, love. She is with me always.”

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