Mark Rudinshtein: I found Dzhigarkhanyan, when he was nearly killed

Марк Рудинштейн: Я застал Джигарханяна, когда его чуть не убили

Mark Rudinshtein is about the behind the scenes TV-scandal and divorce, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

Recently it became known that the place Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya as Director of the Dzhigarkhanyan theater is his close friend, producer and founder of the festival “Kinotavr” mark Rudinshtejn.

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“Stars” was discussed 71-year-old honored worker of culture of Russia in its fight on TV with his ex-wife of his friend, Armen Borisovich life after divorce and future plans. publishes a fragment of this interview.

— The public is excited about what Mara raised a hand to you in the program “live”…

— Yes, she raised a hand, and patted me a bit. (Laughs.)

— Then you made up? Your opponent put in social networks a picture of you after the broadcast smile sweetly at each other.

— How is this possible? No, of course. When we left the Studio and walked through a narrow corridor, Mara turned to me and once again reminded of the Jewish question, this time her lawyer made a picture of us. The Internet has already announced that Vitalina for me to get married. It was her ability to get out of any situation, to make it look like it is beneficial. What’s married?! Yes, it scary to watch, if you wash! She’s such a nasty lady, she was talking about on television, what Vitalina shouted that I am a disgrace to the Jewish people.

Марк Рудинштейн: Я застал Джигарханяна, когда его чуть не убили

— She Vitalina said that you did not swear…

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We even can’t talk. I health this scandal to lose, I have diabetes. Before that, I fought with a lawyer Elina Mazur mostly because I am convinced that she is the main “brain” of the whole criminal operation. And Vitalinu put up as a girl for assignments. But after the recognition of the Mazur in the NTV that she was hired to take Dzhigarkhanyan all and to develop a combination of the withdrawal of capital, thought it was an act of courage. In fact, an act of despair, because there are too many questions for her… But the fact that this company is headed Mazur uses any chance to confuse everyone. I’m afraid that her confession is kind of another game.

And on it, and Vitalina should shut the cuffs. In addition to allegations of fraud, there is still a huge issues in the theater. Stolen all the financial documents that Vitalina has signed as the Director of the theater, disappeared computers and now have all her things to prove by investigating. Lost 80 million allocated for the reconstruction of the theater. As her mother was the head of a tailor’s shop, then a lot of the money was not on costumes for performers, and for other purposes. Her father led the stage part of the theatre, he was responsible for the economic section of the paper, he passed through a lot of orders, including the expensive sets. In total were missing 170 million. It is only the finances of the theatre, not counting apartments and money Armen Borisovich.

— As it is now Dzhigarkhanyan feeling?

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— Okay! I caught him at a moment when they nearly killed him, he and two words could not. And now has become a normal person, he finally stopped giving these pills that have freaked him out…

* * *

Full version of interview read in the newspaper “stars” No. 2-2018 (on sale 6 of February) and soon on the website

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