Justin Bieber mysteriously explained tears on the walk with his bride

Джастин Бибер загадочно объяснил слезы на прогулке со своей невестой

A few days ago, Justin Bieber was spotted crying on the streets of new York.

Witnesses said that a celebrity together with his fiancée Hailey Baldwin spent time on the bike ride.

And then Justin Bieber was photographed with tears in his eyes sitting on the sidewalk. According to sources, soon, the young people went to the cafe there and cried together. Many fans of the couple decided that the stars leave.

However a day later Justin Bieber has returned to her cheerful mood. Asked by journalists about the tears he replied very mysteriously. He showed the audience the book “the Meaning of marriage” by Timothy and Kathy Keller.

It contains a conservative guide to creating a family based on Christian rules. Himself Justin Bieber explained that each person has both pleasant and adverse days. He stressed that nobody can be happy all the time.

This recognition has spawned more rumors about the star couple. One of the fan versions, young people are unable to fulfill one of the requirements of the book and was upset about it. Others believe that the event has no direct relationship to literature. They recalled that for a few weeks unwell grandfather of the contractor.

Besides, the tears Justin Bieber could cause quite a household situation.


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Trayan Markevich
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