It became known that he discussed trump and macron during a telephone conversation

French media reported about the negotiations between Emmanuel Macron and Donald trump.


Стало известно, что обсуждали Трамп и Макрон в ходе телефонной беседы

It became known that he discussed trump and macron during a telephone беседы Trump


In the night from Saturday to Sunday, us President, Donald trump held a telephone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron. According to France Press, the parties discussed the current situation in the middle East, in particular, have been affected by the problems of Syria and Iran.

The Iranian issue has become more pressing amid renewed American sanctions on Tehran and companies that conduct trade and business with Iran.

It is noted that the initiator of the bilateral talks, which will be a preparatory phase for the upcoming new diplomatic consultations were the representatives of official Paris.

It is worth saying that the previous day, August 10, Emmanuel macron also held telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. One of the main topics of conversation was the Syrian issue, and the issue of refugees and the conditions for their safe return home to Syria.

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