In Zhytomyr inadequate driver made the show on the road (VIDEO)

В Житомире неадекватный водитель устроил шоу на дороге (ВИДЕО)

The network spread a video of the incident in Zhitomir: unknown driver threw his vehicle just in the roadway, and then came out of him on the sidewalk and made the incredible “show” alerted police and passers-by.

As noted by viewers of the video on the YouTube channel “Ukraine Zhitomir”, the man probably was under the influence of drugs.

The video can be seen abandoned on the roadway, the car and its owner who stood on the sidewalk in a strange position. Lowering his hands to the ground, the man froze for a while, then allegedly woke up, made a few faltering steps, jumping on the spot and “fell asleep” again.

By the time of the accident place arrived patrol. All this time, inadequate driver and his car was under their supervision.

“Yes, he’s crazy”, “a hundred percent on something, then seen his pins in full”, — began to discuss the audience in the network.

What was the reason of such behavior of the driver, is not currently known.

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