Details of iPhone family 2018

A well-known blogger Marcus Brownlee (Marques Brownlee), specializing in reviews of smartphones, has provided perhaps the most comprehensive at the moment, videoslatest with the future family of Apple smartphones in 2018.

Детальное знакомство с семейством iPhone 2018

Of course, pictures and videos with dimensional models of these machines are already not just published, but it is a more quality review.

The video shows white models of the so-called iPhone devices X2 (5.8-inch successor of the iPhone X), a 6.5-inch iPhone Plus X and 6.1-inch iPhone 2018. He confirmed that all three smartphones will be a cutout in the upper part of the screen the same size.

While the size and weight of the 6.5-inch iPhone Plus X will be less than the modern 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus through the use of a new design without a framework.Детальное знакомство с семейством iPhone 2018Marcus also indicates the protruding lens on the new smartphone: as we know from previous rumors, the iPhone X2, and X Plus will get a dual back camera, while the “reduced” model with a 6.1-inch LCD display will get a single main camera (which, however, can be somewhat improved).Детальное знакомство с семейством iPhone 2018By the way, according to Mr. Brownlie, the “cheaper” model will also be equipped with face detection technology Face ID of the first generation, while the Duo iPhone X get the second generation (obviously, the face will be recognized more accurately and faster).

This is logical, given that the hardware 6.1-inch device will be expected to comply with the Apple smartphones of 2017: 3 GB of RAM and a single-chip system Apple Bionic vs A11 4 GB of RAM and A12.Детальное знакомство с семейством iPhone 2018Also the review States that the iPhone X2, and X Plus will be released in three color versions: black, white and new gold. But the “cheaper” model will receive a minimum of four colors, and it will be quite colorful shades like red, blue, green and so on.

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