For masters and slaves: Ukrzaliznytsia will share the train

By the end of summer Ukrzaliznytsya plans to split the train into three classes, according to the head of the Department of passenger transport long-distance Railways Alexander Krasnoshtan. In accordance with the class of the train will determine the price of the ticket. More about that in the story of Radio NV.

Для господ и холопов: Укрзализныця разделит поезда

Krasnoshtan noted that the class of trains will mainly depend on the lifetime of rolling stock.

In comfort class, will drive cars not older than 10 years, or those that were renovated. Train comfort class will offer a coupe and SV. In the category of the standard will include rail cars, which operate not more than 15 years.

The distribution of cars into classes can reduce the cost of tickets for short distances

Will be selected and reserved seats — in economy class you can buy tickets will be at a low price. The distribution of cars into classes can even reduce the cost of tickets for short distances, sure Krasnoshtan. Thus want to increase the competitiveness with road transport.

“Kiev-Uzhgorod — the length of the path, 800 km ticket Price — 500 UAH. About these rates, we hope. However, the train station in Lviv-Uzhgorod ticket costs 350 UAH. We are ready to reduce the price in this area in order to compete with buses and sell tickets for short distances,” — said the head of the Department.

How to adjust the ticket prices

In areas where runs only one train will leave the cars only economy class. But where run several trains, it is possible to run different classes, said the chief of Department of passenger transportations of distant following Alexander Krasnoshtan. Ukrzaliznytsya plans to regulate the price of the ticket for the train comfort class and standard. And the price of the train economy class will be regulated by the state.

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High-speed trains will increase the competitiveness of rail transport, the study says graduate students in the Department of control over the operational work of the Ukrainian state Academy of railway transport Larisa Parkhomenko. The researchers examined global trends of competitiveness of Railways and compared them with the Ukrainian.

As the trains share the world

High-speed rail network in the world are divided into three types. First, when high-speed trains operate in isolation from the overall rail network. Such railway inherent to Japan and Spain. The second direction involves partial interaction of high-speed lines conventional network.

In specialized areas of train capable of speeds of 250-300 km/h. Such a network is inherent to high-speed trains of France. The third option is the development of high-speed messages is to modernize railway lines. They can train to develop up to 200 km/h. This approach was used on the Railways of Germany and Italy.

In developed countries, rail transport competes with air. In Ukraine is road transport. However, high-speed intercity trains that run between the largest cities of Ukraine, showed greater profitability than conventional trains.

What will the economy

The distribution on classes of trains will not increase the profitability of passenger transportation, said the former Deputy Minister of infrastructure Alexander cava. Ukrzaliznytsia does not receive subsidies for the transportation of passengers, as is happening in European countries, because tariffs are below cost.

The trains in the directions of major cities will be premium

However, with the innovation passengers will know in advance what level of service to expect. But most of the lines to choose a class, will not be possible because the cars would realign in the directions, I’m sure the cava.

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“The service economy suggests that it will be part of the old cars, without air conditioning, vacuum toilets. In one direction I will have no choice because the mesh is not so big to make in one direction to put the train and economy class, and premium segment,” said kawa.

Rolling stock trains, which go to large cities, will be the premium class, said cava. Economy class will be offered on less popular destinations, where passengers are not willing to pay more.

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